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Life September 20, 2008

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Such a wonderful thing. The hardest thing ever, of course, but also the most most rewarding.
In spite of my firm efforts to evenly share the trials and tribulations of it with my husband, being the mummy makes things uneven. There is no way at all to level that playing field.

Breast feeding makes things uneven from the start. And we are off!!
The late night feedings, mummy up all night…. and if you are like me, you try to do it all. Cleaning, bathing, feeding, changing etc etc etc and also work full time. It makes for a busy day…
Even with the offers of help, we want to do it all. But at the same time we want help. But help, at least for me anyways, is a very hard thing to ask for.

When I got married, I really thought that I would make sure that my husband and I split things evenly. Work, household duties and all that. I certainly wasn’t going to have the sort of marriage like my mother had. There would be clear delineation of duty.
And there was, for a time. But as we started to go more comfortable in our marriage, things started to change. After my husband did a few loads of laundry, I quickly took over that duty. And after he made the bed a few times, I took that over as well.
I tend to be very specific in how I want things to be, and lord help the husband that doesn’t follow my very specific ideas! (My husband is a very patient man)

And eventually I ended up doing the things that women traditionally do, even though I traditionally didn’t want to.
Parenthood seems to follow the same path.

There are things that the mummy does that the daddy cannot.
And any mummy reading this knows exactly what I mean, even though its very hard to explain completely.
It just is….