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Another Pleasant Valley Sunday… October 12, 2008

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One lovely Sunday morning…

Little peanut let Mummy sleep until 6:30, and is currently having a snooze in his swing.

I have a cup of coffee with soy vanilla creamer in it, I’m watching Pillow Talk and surfing Facebook. So in all, its a great way to start the morning. M is still sleeping, lord knows what time he got home from work last night. The house is nice and quiet.

I wish sometimes that we lived in a more northern climate. As much as its nice to have such lovely sunny hot days down here in the South, with fall firmly here I long for chilly weather and gorgeous maple leaves.
And scarves, gloves and sweaters. And slippers (although my dog has a tendency to attack my feet when I wear them). And necessary cups of tea in the evening. And my duvet. Currently I am lounging around the house in shorts, and yesterday was blisteringly hot and humid. And its October.

It doesn’t get that cold until December or January. It gets cool in the evenings before then, but right proper cold doesn’t hit until well into winter.

My husband is a master of internet surfing, he often sends me links to very ridiculous sites he find…

Here is one of his…. meowmeow

I am not as good as him, but this one is not too shabby….

yay bacon!

and with that, I am off….


Friday night(s)

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Thankfully it’s Saturday.
I am pretty sure that this is the best day of the week.
Currently Friday is the worst, which is odd since it is usually considered the numero uno most awesome day of the week.
Unfortunately for my husband, its not his favorite since he goes from teaching straight to Disney, where he serves in a fancy-smancy restaurant Friday and Saturday nights. So Friday is his worst as its the longest day of his whole week. And it certainly feels like the longest for me too. I rush from work straight home to walk the dog (who is desperately waiting for someone to take him out), and then change quickly and off to my in-laws who are oh-so-nice and pick up V from daycare. And I visit with them, and then head back home to feed the darling boy and try and pay some attention to the poor dog. Poor dog who was so recently the number one child in our family and has now been demoted to a very low 2 (poor thing).

Perhaps I should start at the beginning of the day when I am up around 4 or 5, depending on the day. Or sometimes 3:30…. that doesn’t just apply to Fridays though, its everyday. Even when M gets up with him, I still wake up. I think that just goes with the mummy territory though
Friday nights when I have put V to bed and am unwinding by washing a million baby bottles are so nice. Even with the never-ending washing. Really its just the thought of 2 straight uninterrupted days with my darling son that makes it so wonderful.

This weekend is even better!
Not only is it Thanksgiving (for us Canadians that is…) but I took Monday off.
Tomorrow I am attempting to cook dinner for my family (which hopefully will be edible), and Monday I have an extra day with Captain Adorable. Which will be wonderful even though he is going to the doctor AND getting shots. I am dying of curiosity to find out how much he weighs. Currently he is a huge sac-o-potatoes…

must sleep in preparation for monster dinner tomorrow…