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Spittle December 28, 2008

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As is the usual start to my posts, V is sleeping and I am hanging out on the sofa as per usual on Saturday night.
I am back to work on Monday and might even be happy about that. Lord knows I can’t stand to ‘relax’ or ‘do nothing’, so the idea of working holds a curious appeal to me. It’s that or reorganizing the kitchen/closets/cupboards etc etc, and I have already done the kitchen. Cupboards are tomorrow!

I am watching The Mummy 3 and am not too sure what I think of the CGI Yeti in the film. It might rank up there with Pierce Brosnan singing in ‘Mamma Mia”.

V has learned a new skill, courtesy of his Daddy and Pop-Pop respectively. And oh is he ever pleased when he can show you! While we were at Epcot earlier last week, my husband and father-in-law somehow managed to teach V how to spit/blow raspberries. You should have seen the smiles on their face when he finally caught on! V was having the time of his life and pretty soon we were all covered in spit. And his face was soaking wet. And the front of his onesie looked like he had just ran a marathon.

Next on the agenda was to teach him ‘pull my finger’……. and again I had that vision of my future, full of men, all farting and burping and laughing hysterically at it. And again I thought about getting a female pet.

Our chihuahua is a male too. Basically I live surrounded by men. And I know too, that if I were to have another child, it would also be a ‘masculine child’. And that would be the end of it. Forever surrounded by men, dirty bathrooms (as those go hand-in-hand), upright toilet seats, burping, farting, ‘game day’, sports paraphernalia , sinks full of shaving cream and whiskers NOT washed down the sink, endless viewings of ‘The Godfather’ parts 1 2 and 3 etc etc….

All I have to do now is convince M that another animal in the house wouldn’t be that bad of a deal! Wish me luck!