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Awkward March 21, 2009

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Every Saturday morning, V and I take a nice long walk while we let M sleep in as he always works super late on Friday nights.

This Saturday morning was extremely lovely, the weather was perfect for a stroll and it is a perfect time for contemplation.

What started me thinking was the person that was approaching me. For some reason I always feel uncomfortable when the sidewalks are empty except for that one person heading towards you.
So I started feeling uncomfortable, more uncomfortable as he got closer and closer and then he said…………. “Morning!” in a bright and cheery voice.

I responded in a more subdued manner with “Morning”, My eyes glanced up at his face, made quick contact and slid away…

What is wrong with me?

I can’t even say ‘Good Morning’ to a pleasant person out on a stroll just like me? Am I so paranoid?

So I had to ponder this for the rest of the walk.

I have this feeling it comes across as snobby. I mean, I know it did in high school (or at least I remember one person telling me that in grade 12, much to my dismay as I was anything and am anything but).

I just can be slightly socially awkward. Oh and say inappropriate things…. sometimes it seems like I have no control over my mouth, things come out (and I think….’oh, I shouldn’t have said that’… but it’s already out there….). So maybe instead of saying ‘slightly’ socially awkward, I should just say socially awkward. All the way baby….

It takes me quite a while to relax and feel comfortable with you. You being you in the actual real world, in-person that is. I think I come across a little different via email. I know I can be way more verbose and quick-witted. And eloquent. It is easy when you can erase or delete that last sentence and write it again before you send it.

I have no control over it really, and envy people that are easily chatty. And have tons of friends. I have tried to change it, but to no avail. I think it’s here to stay, as much as I try to change it. And happily M gets it, and always has….



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It’s been a long week and as I finally settle into Friday night, exhaustion hits me….

Clearly I need some more sleep, something which struck me this early morning when I woke up on the couch. At about 3:45 am

I was seriously confused. Couch? What? And covered in blankets. It was exactly how I used to sleep when V was itty-bitty and I would let him snooze in his bouncy seat while I dozed on the couch.

V, however, was still sleeping in his crib and M was still sleeping in our bed. So why was I on the couch?

Oh, and let me add some details about my wardrobe.

I had gone to bed in a tank-top and bottoms, and woke up in a tank-tap. Imagine my bewilderment! Partially undressed, alone, on the couch at 3:45 am when I remember(clearly) going to bed in my bed. M hadn’t stirred all night and didn’t even notice when I crawled back into bed. With some new bottoms on..

I found my bottoms later that morning on top of my dresser. I think I was so tired I was sleepwalking. It’s really the only thing I can come up with….ha! I can hardly believe it!

While I was thinking about sleepwalking, I remembered doing it when I was little and we lived in Coombs. I woke up naked in the laundry closet, I think I was about 5 or 6. Maybe I was really tired then too?

I really hope it doesn’t happen again tonight. And if it does I hope I manage to keep my panties on and stay in the house and not wander around the neighbour’s yard.