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Love Affair April 3, 2009

Filed under: gators,Spring,yoga — Ohdeerestme @ 12:20 am

Still feeling the effects of Bikram on my poor body, I gave it a pass today and decided to go for a run instead.

I ran past the ducks, the hibiscus blossoms, the gator pond, the gang in blue tee-shirts on their BMX bikes, the golf course, turned around and ran past it all again.

As I pushed open the pedestrian gate of my apartment complex and hit the sidewalks of my community, I took a deep breath of the fresh spring air.

The scent of blossoms, fresh air and growing things clung to my skin like someone elses cologne. It was like I had just gotten back from a tryst with nature.

That’s right…… I am having a love affair with Spring…