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Yogic thoughts June 26, 2009

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Things I was pondering during class yesterday evening…..

During Dandayamana Bibhaktpada Janushirasana, or ‘Standing separate leg head to knee pose’, while I was staring down the front of my tank-top, I thought about a few things.

1) I need a new sports bra

2) I definitely have a bigger ‘rack’ since V came along, which is probably why I need a new sports bra…

During Dandayamana Bibhaktpada Pashimottanasana or ‘standing separate leg stretching pose’ I thought about a few others.

Primarily about how I missed Spandex-Man. And also why that girl behind me thought it would be a good idea to wear light green spandexy pants with black panties. I mean really….. sweat+light colour pants= see-through

While I was trying to not fall over during Dandayamana Dhanurasana or ‘Standing bow pulling pose’, I thought that I might just hate the two girls on the other side of the room who did the pose effortlessly. And didn’t fall over even once. And then gracefully lowered their legs in unison….. *sigh* one day… Then I thought that hate was probably not something one should be dwelling on during yoga…. Probably I should be focusing on my pose. Which makes me fall over. And then I curse under my breath. Also not good during yoga class….

While I struggled to get my leg into a proper 45 degree angle during Trikanasana or ‘triangle pose’, I mentally cursed my instructor for singling out my friend and I and making us examples. As we finally got our legs in a position that he was pleased with, I felt my foot slowly loosing its grip on the carpet and slowly sliding backwards…. which brought my leg, knee and groin waaaaaay closer to the floor than I would have liked. I didn’t really want to re-learn how to do the splits in one evening. Damn that instructor! Damn him!

It had been 2 and a half weeks since I made it to a class, what with being on holiday in Canada and all. And I really felt it. While I only go once a week (as its all the time I can carve out), that once a week keeps me a sane, flexible person. I didn’t realize that it had made that much of an impact on my life until I took a wee hiatus…

Thank goodness it’s back in my life….


Caught! March 15, 2009

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I am tired.

So tired.

Unbelievably tired, in fact…..

V got up at 5:30 again (which he did on saturday morning as well). That coupled with the fact that he pretty much didn’t take a a nap yesterday at all…. sigh….

He is such a funny sleeper. He always fusses before he goes to sleep. He fights it hard. There is no soothing rocking or stroking of the back….. all that does is make him more awake. He will literally go all day until he drops of exhaustion.

Yesterday on the way back from running an errand, he started to doze off in the car. I was literally 1 minutes from my apartment and excitedly thought about the short nap I would take too once I put him down in his crib. But that one minute power-nap apparently cleared him of any and all exhaustion as once in his crib, there was no sleeping going on at all. Lots of happy babbling, and when I peeked in on him he was standing in his crib.

Yes, that’s right….. STANDING…

He just learned how to this week, perfected it yesterday and is now doing it non-stop. His little plump tush sticks out so far when he does it. Adorable!

So he is extra busy, and I am extra tired. And find myself watching Conspiracy Theory on TNT while V thumps away on his musical table, watching the dog roll around on that spot on the floor where V drooled.
Dogs are disgusting. And again, this movie is awful. I think 12 years ago when it came out, I really liked it…. but post-Mel Gibson drunken rage, every movie that he is in where he acts a little weird, I can’t help but think that is his actual personality. And then I wonder why he’s all critically acclaimed for his 2 most recent directing efforts. I mean, Apocalypto was good (and I haven’t bothered with the other one) but seriously, the man is a total nutjob.

I have developed a new reflex based on 9 months of chronic spitting up. V was the spit up champ….A wet burp followed by a volcanic-like eruption. Lovely.

So recently I have caught myself cupping my hands under his mouth when I hear one of those wonderful noises. I think this is hilarious (or my early morning brain does anyways). I am actually trying to catch vomit. In my hand. An experience that I had earlier this morning. I wasn’t even grossed out, not even a bit, I clearly have become immune to these sorts of things.

10 years ago, when I was clubbing it up, who would have thought that I would be up voluntarily at 5:30 am (instead of just heading to bed), catching someones vomit in my hand. Life is an interesting journey for sure, and right now I am loving the road I am traveling….


Tater-tots March 10, 2009

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M called me this evening, while I was out running a quick errand before dinner.

“How are you Honey?”

I feel a little suspicious sometimes when he calls me on the phone and is extra sweet. Probably as he hates talking on the phone, which can drive me nuts sometimes.

“Fine babes, what’s up??” I said guardedly as I tried to figure out why he was calling me when I had just seem him about 1 minute previously…

“Well, V just stood up by himself….. I thought you’d like to know!” he said cheerfully.

Oh my god… he did?!?! The details that followed explained things a little more clearly. He had crawled his way over to the coffee table, gotten up onto his knees and then used the table to stand up.

I drove home so fast, cursing the tater-tots that I had run out to buy. Why did we need tater-tots again? Why was I rushing out to buy them at 6:45? What is wrong with us????

As I rushed up the walk-way to our apartment’s front door I was imagining him toddling around the apartment and worried that I had missed everything. So I was pleased when I opened the door to find Daddy and V chillin’ on the floor playing with the musical table.

I went and got V a little cheesey puff and we tried to tempt him into standing up to get it….. but it only made him frustrated and screamy, so we gave up quickly…

Anyways, this combined with the fact that I found 2 more teeth (which makes 8 altogether), and that he will be 9 months old in approximately 36 hours makes me think that he’s in a hurry. A big hurry.

And I want him to slow down already and he’s not even a year old. Where did my little man go? Although as my good friend has pointed out on numerous occasions “Jaym, he’s never been a baby. He’s always looked like a little man.” So maybe he was just born in a hurry (although it certainly didn’t feel like it).

I eagerly look forward to every little new thing that motherhood will bring, but sometimes I long for the time that has passed. I feel like this as each new month approaches, and I get ready to do the next page in his baby book.

Oh my little man….