Adventures in Motherhood

Me, rambling about motherhood and my ridiculous life…

About April 4, 2009

Me: Impractical (see blog post on $25 water bottle)

Argumentative: $35 water bottle is environmentally better than one use plastic bottle.

Imaginative: $25 water bottle suddenly jumped in price to $35… for dramatic effect.

Sometimes it feels like my life gets a little out of control. I work full-time. I mother full-time. I wife full-time. I baby adorable chihuahua full-time.

I catch vomit in my bare hands. I applaud poop-filled diapers.  I taste-test baby food (and sometimes wonder why).

Yoga. Blog. Crochet. (Blog)

I like to talk about my life, pretend I am super clever and witty and hope you enjoy reading about whats happening down here in Florida


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